Infinite Tutorials is Specialist Institute in Kalher, Thane & Thane region. We at ITC are inclined towards supporting and encouraging every student to achieve their full potential in pursuit of their dreams and aspirations. Our mission is to devote our energy every day to every student, to deliver an inclusive learning environment that provides a wide range of experiences, regardless of their ability.

Our ITC Module becomes the backbone of every student’s academics and enables them with conceptual & logical clarity, working schedule, pre-planning of complete syllabus, and its strict implementation, personal attention to every student and exhaustive test series.

Our vision is to see all the children in this nation attain excellent education in all fields, starting from the tender age in schools to becoming a generation of vibrant personalities, making our nation shine and proud.

We at ITC will help your child bridge the gap between his/her education & dreams.

Founder & Mentor, Infinite Tutorials


Infinite Tutorials, synonymous with Passion, and the reason for which I entered this wonderful profession of teaching & mentoring young Indians, who form the pillars of India’s Growth Story. At Infinite Tutorials, we believe in focusing on conceptual based learning than just going behind good scores. As we all know, excellence lasts for lifetime. So, join me and be a part of this wonderful Infinite Tutorials family where we have groomed and mentored more than 300 students till date.

Vision, Mission & Strategy

To Enable Students to Develop Confidence,Reinforce Ideas and become Intellectually Alive.
To become the Number One Institute in India for Guiding and Coaching Students for being Successful in Academic as well as in Competitive Examinations.

Diversified Portfolio: Infinite Tutorials has adapted to the changing needs of time and has ventured into establishing its leadership in various market segments to needfully cater to its clients.

Leveraging Infinite Brand: On account of its consistent focus on customer satisfaction, Infinite’s Tutorials has constantly striven towards enhancing its efficiency and maintaining the repute of the brand.

Superior Execution: Every activity at Infinite’s Tutorials is meticulously planned and executed with excellent finesse, thanks to its stalwart team of executives, who have never failed to manifest their allegiance towards the organization.

Excellent Quality: At Infinite's Tutorials, emphasis has always been laid on the provision of excellent quality to the clients and measures are recurrently taken to adhere to this motto.

No Franchise Model: To ensure that the root ideologies of Infinite’s Tutorials are unvaryingly applied everywhere, the various coaching centers of the organization are self run. To ensure that the quality is maintained uniformly at all the centers, the managerial staff at each of these centers are trained suitably to adapt themselves to the set pattern.